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Do You Need Bed Bug Elimination Experts?

Have you been feeling uncomfortable in your bed because it smells terrible? When you wake up in the morning, do you have small itchy bite marks on your body? Is your bed covered in tiny droplets of blood from these bites?

If you have experienced any of the above circumstances, your mattress could be hosting a horde of bed bugs.

Bed bugs are flat, oval and wingless parasites that survive exclusively by sucking blood. There are several species of bed bugs, all of which target humans or warm-blooded animals. Bed bugs are more commonly found in hotels or homes where the occupants travel often, whilst sleeping in different beds. With the increased ease of global travel so too is there an increase in bed bug infestations. If bed bug treatment is not sought and thereafter treatment carried out by experienced pest control specialists, the infestation can become severe. Female bed bugs can lay over 250 eggs in their lifetime. These eggs develop into fertile adults within 6-7 weeks.

Without treatment, your entire home can be infested by these tiny and vicious parasites in no time. Although you can try remedying the problem on your own, unless you’re very knowledgeable on pest control and have the right equipment, you’ll never be sure if you’ve managed to root out every bed bug.

Pest N Clean’s teams of professional pest control experts can eliminate your bed bug problem with one treatment. We have the know-how and the tools needed to ensure that your bed bug infestation goes away, and that it stays away.

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Bed bugs are active at night just before dawn which is when they feed on their hosts unnoticed.

Do I have bed bugs?

Bed bugs are active at night just before dawn which is when they feed on their hosts unnoticed. A bed bug’s bite is a very itchy red to whitish lump on the skin which can resemble a mosquito bite.

Bedbugs can typically be found in beds (behind folds, and seams), bedding, cracks in the bed frame, behind wallpaper or within any furniture or upholstery close to the bed. They are very small, with adults only reaching 3-4mm, and can often be seen by the naked eye. Where infestations are more severe, tiny blood stains or their faecal matter can also be seen on the bedding.

Bed bug treatment is sought by most victims as the bites are very itchy, uncomfortable and unsightly. A bed bugs bite can also result in blistering, skin rashes and allergic reactions. Bed bugs also have a very distinctive, foul odour.

Our Approach

Pest N Clean takes a professional and efficient approach when dealing with bed bugs. First, we determine the scope of the infestation. Are the parasites only in your mattress or have they managed to infest other upholstery? When we know the full scope of the infestation, we employ solutions that ensures every bed bug in the affected furnishings are eliminated. We also use the least toxic and intrusive control methods to make sure that only the bed bugs will be harmed by our efforts. All pesticides we use are industry approved and purchased from reputable companies. One session of our bed big treatments will be enough to remove your current infestation and prevent a recurrence.

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Bed bug removal and eradication services

We are highly experienced in removing and eradicating all levels of bed bug infestation.  Our bed bug control services include treating all bedding, beds and bedrooms which are infested with a specialised insecticide spray. A once off bed bug treatment will usually suffice to eradicating and preventing them from returning.

Call or text us to discuss your bed bug problems and we can discuss a strategy to safely and cost-effectively eradicate and prevent them from returning to your home or workplace. We service all Western Sydney suburbs including Parramatta, Baulkham Hills, Mount Druitt, Seven Hills, Blacktown, Penrith and Hills District.

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Our complete pest control and cleaning services

Pest N Clean was established for the sole purpose of providing reliable and affordable pest control & cleaning services to the domestic and commercial sectors with quality service, safety and customer satisfaction in mind.

With the recent awareness of public safety and hygiene, professional pest control and professional cleaning have become an integral part of our daily lives. Our cleaning services extend to window and carpet cleaning.

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Our cleaning and pest management services

We are licensed and equipped to offer a full range of pest control services, plus domestic and commercial cleaning. This can be anything from end of lease cleans required by a real estate agency or tenant, to general pest treatments and eradication, to stand alone services that deal with the full array of insect pest species including cockroaches, ants, fleas and more.

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Non-intrusive pest control

Where pest infestations are already prevalent, we provide integrated solutions ensuring the least toxic and intrusive control methods are used. We ensure the most humane methods are used and protected species are relocated rather than exterminated. All pesticides used are industry approved and purchased through reputable pest control companies.

We are very aware of local pest control trends and cleaning requirements for local homeowners, tenants and businesses. Our experience allows us to provide professional and preventative measures where possible.

Our expertise includes the following common creepie crawlies : 

Customer satisfaction is our priority

We understand that our pest control and cleaning services are not just a one-off job. A lot of our business is through referrals by clients. We do our best to ensure that our satisfied customers will continue to use and recommend Pest N Clean well into the future. For this reason, we strive to provide the highest levels of customer service with every job. We are the business owners and operators who work closely with our small teams where necessary. When you call our number you will speak with the business owners and not a remote call centre.

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