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Pest N Clean is an expert carpet cleaning service company that caters to the needs of residential and commercial properties in Blacktown and Parramatta.
Our carpet cleaning service is of the highest quality. We undertake a multi-stage process done as per Australian Standards (AS/NZS 3733 Textile floor coverings).

Carpets and Dirt

Because of their position on your floors and foot traffic, carpets tend to become repositories of debris and detritus. Each shoe or foot that steps on your carpets transfer dirt and contaminants. Even if you insist on removing footwear before stepping on your carpets, debris like hair and other fibres will inevitably end up on them. This is especially true if you own a pet, who can shed hair and end up staining your carpet.

After a few months, even the most well-kept carpets need the attention of professional carpet cleaners. Aside from scheduled cleanings, you may need more than a carpet steam cleaner if they’ve discoloured significantly due to dirt or if spills and other incidents have left highly noticeable or smelly stains.

Why Get Your Carpets Cleaned Professionally?

Although you can attempt to clean your carpet on your own, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to accomplish the same level of spotlessness without professional-grade equipment and know-how. Pest N Clean’s small teams of cleaners have both of these and use them to ensure your carpets are restored to pristine condition. With our help, your carpets will be free from debris and stains as well as finish faster than if you clean them on your own.

Step-by-Step Cleaning

Our success in carpet cleaning stems from our efficient approach. Each step in our process eliminates a different type of dirt and ensures your carpet is returned to pristine condition afterwards. Here’s a breakdown of each efficient step in our process.

» Pre-vacuum with commercial brush-roll powered vacuum to remove the maximum amount of dry particulate.

» Pre-spray with solution to dissolve any soluble debris within the carpet or rug’s fibres.

» Agitate fibres with commercial dual cylindrical brush machine to maximise the cleaning solution effect on the fibres.

» Carry out hot water extraction rinsing of pre-treated fibres using many vacuum-only strokes to assist in the drying of carpet afterwards.

» Groom carpet fibres with specialised carpet rake to a uniform appearance and stand the fibres up straight to assist with the drying time.

After our vigorous cleaning process, your carpets will look as good as new.

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Pest N Clean ensures our customers continue to work with us in the future with our high-quality and comprehensive cleaning and pest control services. By focusing on customer satisfaction, every job we work adheres to the highest possible standards.

We provide excellent services to West Sydney suburbs, including Parramatta and Blacktown.

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