House and End of Lease Cleaning

End of lease cleans Parramatta, Blacktown and Hills District.

end of lease clean parramattaMoving house or is your lease ending?  Our house clean and end of lease cleaning services will make light work of transforming your house.

Experience tells us that end of lease cleaning is a chore that those relocating do not want to deal during the stressful time of moving. Furthermore, there’s the Property Manager’s final inspection to deal with which can go down like a lead balloon if the cleaning of the premises is not up to their very high standards.

We will liaise directly with the Property Manager on your behalf during this part of your move. The way we see it you are paying us to take care of the cleaning of your tenanted property therefore we stand by our service until the final inspection for cleanliness is signed off by the Property Manager.

Our cleaning guarantee

Getting your bond back has never been easier. Rest assured knowing that your real estate agent, property manager or landlord will accept your cleaning. If not, just notify us within 72 hours and we’ll gladly return to re-clean any problem areas – free of charge.

What does it take to perform the best end of lease cleans?

A picture says a thousand words. We’ll send you before and after photos, so you can see the end of lease cleaning difference for yourself.

If you need to make a deadline, whether it’s a weekend, holiday, or a last-minute end of lease clean you require, we can work around your schedule to make it happen.

We perform end of lease cleaning throughout Western Sydney including Parramatta, Baulkham Hills, Mount Druitt, Seven Hills, Blacktown, Penrith and the Hills District.

Our End of Lease cleaning services are extremely thorough and predominantly designed to prepare a residence for a new tenancy. Houses and apartments can gather years of dust and grime left by previous tenants. From top to bottom, we’ll clean and sanitize everywhere, and give you a stress-free exit from your current property into your new property.

End of lease cleaning services

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General cleaning
  • Vacuum all sliding door tracks and clean tracks.
  • Sweep or mop all non-carpeted floors, removing any marks where reasonably possible.
  • Vacuum carpets with a commercial quality vacuum cleaner fitted with powered brush-roll.
  • Clean light fittings – gently remove light fittings and wipe out dead bugs.
  • Clean marks off walls and light switches.
  • Remove all dust from skirting boards, window frames, window sills, above cupboards, picture rails, architraves and both sides of all doors, all other fittings etc.
  • Clean curtains and blinds – Dusting and spot removal where required.
  • Remove all cobwebs, insect marks and nests where reasonably possible.

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  • Clean inside and outside of all cupboards and doors.
  • Clean inside, outside and around stove.
  • Clean inside and outside of oven, griller, doors, trays, racks, glass.
  • Clean inside, outside and behind refrigerator and dishwasher space where reasonably accessible.
  • Clean sink, drain holes, drainers and tapware.
  • Range hood exhaust and filter -filters will be removed and cleaned of oil residue.

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  • Wash down all walls, floors, mirrors and windows and window tracks.
  • Wipe Inside and outside all cupboards and drawers.
  • Clean toilet, bath, shower recess, remove built up soap residue on tiles and shower screens, clean sink and all tap ware, towel rails.
  • Clean in wardrobes, shelves, drawers and mirrored doors. Remove scuff marks.
  • Shower curtain washed by hand where applicable.

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  • Clean behind washing machine space. Clean equipment and filters if applicable.
  • Clean inside, outside and behind dryer. Remove lint from filter.
  • Clean inside, outside and around laundry tub, cabinets, shelves, drawers&tap ware.
  • Clean all walls and floors, ceiling where reasonably accessible.

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Outdoor Areas
  • Sweep and mop (we will hose down area where possible), clean railings, glass, and light fittings.
  • Remove all cobwebs.
  • Sweep out/hose down garage, carport and driveway, where possible.

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Carpet cleaning

Our carpet cleaning service is one of high quality. This is a multi-stage process done as per Australian Standards (AS/NZS 3733 Textile floor coverings).

More information about our professional carpet cleaning services »

House & End of Lease Cleaning Quotes

For more information about our house and end of lease cleaning services and to get a quote, don’t hesitate to call. We can usually supply a cost estimate and quote over the phone.

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Our complete pest control and cleaning services

Pest N Clean was established for the sole purpose of providing reliable and affordable pest control & cleaning services to the domestic and commercial sectors with quality service, safety and customer satisfaction in mind.

With the recent awareness of public safety and hygiene, professional pest control and professional cleaning have become an integral part of our daily lives. Our cleaning services extend to window and carpet cleaning.

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Our cleaning and pest management services

We are licensed and equipped to offer a full range of pest control services, plus domestic and commercial cleaning. This can be anything from end of lease cleans required by a real estate agency or tenant, to general pest treatments and eradication, to stand alone services that deal with the full array of insect pest species including cockroaches, ants, fleas and more.

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Non-intrusive pest control

Where pest infestations are already prevalent, we provide integrated solutions ensuring the least toxic and intrusive control methods are used. We ensure the most humane methods are used and protected species are relocated rather than exterminated. All pesticides used are industry approved and purchased through reputable pest control companies.

We are very aware of local pest control trends and cleaning requirements for local homeowners, tenants and businesses. Our experience allows us to provide professional and preventative measures where possible.

Our expertise includes the following common creepie crawlies : 

Customer satisfaction is our priority

We understand that our pest control and cleaning services are not just a one-off job. A lot of our business is through referrals by clients. We do our best to ensure that our satisfied customers will continue to use and recommend Pest N Clean well into the future. For this reason, we strive to provide the highest levels of customer service with every job. We are the business owners and operators who work closely with our small teams where necessary. When you call our number you will speak with the business owners and not a remote call centre.

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