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Fly pest control Western Sydney, Hills District, Blacktown and Parramatta.

Fly control is vital where humans, pets and livestock are present. Flies can be a nuisance as well as a serious health risk. Effective fly control is typically required around food preparation areas, waste areas, livestock and Pet’s, which is usually where flies congregate.

When professional pest control services are not used to control flies, a small problem can turn into a serious infestation. As an example, a female fly lays about 5 batches of around 140 eggs each, in its lifetime. Some fly species can mature from egg to adult in just 7 days. Typically, pest control companies are only contacted once the infestation becomes severe.

In the north-west suburbs of Sydney, we have found the most common species to be the housefly, blowfly, stable fly, fruit fly and flesh fly. These flies are often referred to as “domestic flies” as they live in close association with human activities.

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Do I have a fly plague or problem?

The need for fly control is easily identified. Flies are attracted to food preparation areas, waste areas and areas where strong smelling livestock or food products are kept. In some instances, fly droppings are found as well as evidence that flies have fed on or laid eggs on their food. Maggots, which are flies in their larval stage are often found within rubbish bins, faeces or old foodstuffs.

Fly control methods and techniques

Why we need to control flies

Fly control is essential as flies move directly from faeces, waste and decaying matter to human foods and other surfaces. For a fly to eat it must first liquefy its food by regurgitating its digestive enzymes onto the food. It will then feed by sucking up the dissolved matter. Diseases such as Cholera, Hepatitis, Typhoid, Salmonella, E. Coli and Bacillary Dysentery can spread to humans and animals.

Flies not only spread disease, but they also damage the image of businesses in the food industry and embarrass and frustrate homeowners.

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Pest control Blacktown and Parramatta

At Pest N Clean we use various methods to control flies. The treatment option depends largely on where the infestation occurs relative to sensitive areas such as a food preparation area. Residual insecticide sprays and baiting options are very effective when used to control flies in areas where they congregate.

UV light traps and sticky boards are used for fly extermination in areas which need to be HACCP compliant. Fogging is used for fly extermination in enclosed areas of high infestation. Where fly larvae are found, this is also treated with a residual spray as an effective fly control measure.

Call or text us to discuss your fly control problems and we can discuss a strategy to safely and cost effectively eradicate flies from your home or workplace. We service all Western Sydney suburbs including Parramatta, Baulkham Hills, Mount Druitt, Seven Hills, Blacktown, Penrith and Hills District.

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Our complete pest control and cleaning services

Pest N Clean was established for the sole purpose of providing reliable and affordable pest control & cleaning services to the domestic and commercial sectors with quality service, safety and customer satisfaction in mind.

With the recent awareness of public safety and hygiene, professional pest control and professional cleaning have become an integral part of our daily lives. Our cleaning services extend to window and carpet cleaning.

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Our cleaning and pest management services

We are licensed and equipped to offer a full range of pest control services, plus domestic and commercial cleaning. This can be anything from end of lease cleans required by a real estate agency or tenant, to general pest treatments and eradication, to stand alone services that deal with the full array of insect pest species including cockroaches, ants, fleas and more.

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Non-intrusive pest control

Where pest infestations are already prevalent, we provide integrated solutions ensuring the least toxic and intrusive control methods are used. We ensure the most humane methods are used and protected species are relocated rather than exterminated. All pesticides used are industry approved and purchased through reputable pest control companies.

We are very aware of local pest control trends and cleaning requirements for local homeowners, tenants and businesses. Our experience allows us to provide professional and preventative measures where possible.

Our expertise includes the following common creepie crawlies : 

Customer satisfaction is our priority

We understand that our pest control and cleaning services are not just a one-off job. A lot of our business is through referrals by clients. We do our best to ensure that our satisfied customers will continue to use and recommend Pest N Clean well into the future. For this reason, we strive to provide the highest levels of customer service with every job. We are the business owners and operators who work closely with our small teams where necessary. When you call our number you will speak with the business owners and not a remote call centre.

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