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Licensed, reliable & affordable pest control Blacktown.

We are licensed and equipped to offer a full range of pest control services in residential homes and commercial workplaces including :

Where pest infestations are already prevalent, we provide integrated solutions ensuring the least toxic and intrusive control methods are used. We ensure the most humane methods are used and protected species are relocated rather than exterminated.

All pesticides used are industry approved and purchased through reputable pest control companies.

Our professional pest controllers service Western Sydney including Parramatta and Blacktown local areas, Penrith, the Hills District and all suburbs in between.

wasp nest removal parramatta

Professional Wasp Nest Removal Services in Western Sydney

Pest controllers Western Sydney, Hills District, Blacktown and Parramatta. Wasp control is typically only seen as a necessity where wasps regularly come into homes or offices, threatening occupants, children or anyone who may be allergic to stings. Removing wasps can be tricky for anyone untrained in doing so, as there is a high risk of […]

pest control rat mice eradication

Professional Rat and Mice Eradication Services in Western Sydney

Rat and mice pest control Blacktown, Western Sydney, Hills District and Parramatta. Rodent control is vital for ensuring a healthy and disease-free environment. The Centre for Disease Control links rats as transferring nearly a dozen diseases directly to humans. The need to exterminate rodents is crucial as they are spreading through the Sydney metro area […]

pest control fly eradication

Expert Fly Eradication Services in Western Sydney

Fly pest control Western Sydney, Hills District, Blacktown and Parramatta. Fly control is vital where humans, pets and livestock are present. Flies can be a nuisance as well as a serious health risk. Effective fly control is typically required around food preparation areas, waste areas, livestock and Pet’s, which is usually where flies congregate. When professional […]

pest control coackroach eradication

Professional Cockroach Eradication in Western Sydney

Cockroach pest control Blacktown, Western Sydney, Hills District and Parramatta. Cockroach control is considered one of the most crucial services provided by pest control companies. The presence of cockroaches is repulsive to most people and said to be the worst residential and commercial pest. They are most common in kitchen areas and contaminate food and […]

bird control blacktown

Professional Bird Control and Eradication in Western Sydney

Bird pest control Blacktown, Western Sydney, Hills District and Parramatta. Nuisance bird control Bird control or repelling techniques by qualified pest control specialists is essential in areas such as food production facilities, restaurants, hospitals, commercial properties and residential homes. Nuisance birds not only damage the image of businesses and properties but carry several harmful diseases. […]